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Income Insurance

In Australia income insurance is also known as income protection insurance. As the name suggests, this type of cover protects your ability to earn an income.

If you happen to suffer a sickness or accident, income insurance will typically pay up to 75% of your income. It reduces the financial impact if you were suddenly unable to work, and allows you to keep paying for your living costs.

These living costs may include things like your:

  • Mortgage,
  • General living costs,
  • Weekly food costs, or
  • Petrol.

However income protection insurance claim payments can be used as you see fit, with many people also using the funds to pay for medical bills.

Australian policies

A good Australian income insurance policy will typically cover both partial and total disability. This means that depending on your policy, and the degree of your sickness or accident, your policy should pay some sort of benefit.

Another point you should also look out for when looking for a good income insurance policy, are built-in benefits which can pay you additional benefits for certain conditions even if you are still able to return to work.

These types of benefits will depend on your policy, but could be well worth looking into as it may maximise your claim payment.

Best quotes

Some of the most competitive quotes for income insurance can be found online, so be sure to do your research. Not only should you compare policy costs, but also the depth and breadth of coverage a policy offers.

Conducting this type of comparison can help ensure you receive a claim payment that will easily cover your ongoing living costs, as well as your medical bills.

If you are ever in doubt, seek help from an Income Protection Direct adviser. What is even better is that we can find a policy best suited to your individual needs!