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Sports Cover

If you play a sport on the weekend, or take part in past-times that may pose the risk of injury, it’s important that you apply for an income protection policy that takes your out-of-work sports or past-times into account.

Which Sports does income protection insurance cover?

Contrary to popular belief, income protection insurance does provide cover for non-work related injuries, therefore when you apply for cover, the insurance company will generally ask if you participate in any past-times, activities, or sports that may pose a risk of injury. Sports and past-times that are generally taken into account include:

  • Sports – Rugby, AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Softball, Baseball, Hockey, plus others
  • Motor racing
  • Trail bike riding
  • Aviation
  • Sky diving
  • Para-gliding
  • Base jumping
  • Rock climbing

If you do take part in a sport or past-time that may be considered to carry a risk of potential injury, during the application process the income protection company will generally ask for more specific details regarding your participation.

Sports Insurance options for Income Protection policies

  • Option 1 – In general, if the income protection company concludes that your participation in a particular sport or past-time does not pose a risk, or only poses a slight risk of injury, they generally wont apply any additional rates to your income protection policy.

  • Option 2 – In some cases, where the risk is high, the income protection company may impose a premium loading to help offset the higher risk posed, which still allows you to claim on any injury related to the particular sport or past-time. This premium can be as little as an additional 25 per cent on top of your standard premium.

  • Option 3 – The income protection company may place an exclusion on your sport or past-time, meaning that if you sustain an injury as a result of participating in your sport or past-time, you will not be able to claim your benefit.

If a premium loading or exclusion is placed on your policy, it can generally be removed in the future if you cease your participation in the particular sport or past-time.

If you would like more information to ensure you are covered for your particular sport or past-time, call one of our advisors today on 1300 135 205.