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Income Protection for Specific Occupations

Due to the different risks inherent in certain occupations and industries, some insurers offer income protection insurance policies that include occupational specific benefits and options.

Occupations and industries that generally have income protection insurance policies tailored specifically to them include:

Tradespeople & Construction Workers

Insurance is often a mandatory requirement on many work sites, therefore some insurers offer policies that cater specifically to tradespeople and construction workers.

Specific benefits offered by insurers include:

  • Specific injuries benefit - common injuries covered include fractures of the leg, arm, skull, thigh or pelvis. Paralysis is also generally covered, including total and permanent loss of sight in one eye, use of a foot or hand.
  • Accident benefit option – allowing you to claim your benefit at a date prior to the expiration of your waiting period.

If you are self employed or a contractor with a fluctuating income, we can also guide you towards the most suitable policy structure for you, helping you maximise your benefit at claim time. Call us today to find out how.

Miners, Oil & Gas Industry Workers

The recourses industry is one of Australia’s most established and fasted growing, hence several insurers offer competitively priced policies directly tailored toward miners, oil & gas industry workers.

If you work in the mining industry and require cover, the select insurers offering income protection for miners will generally factor into consideration:

  • Whether you are working in an underground or open-cut mine
  • If you use or are in contact with explosives
  • Whether you are working in hard rock or soft rock mining
  • If you work in fly in, fly out conditions
  • Your occupation title and duties
  • The hours you work in a standard work rotation

To ensure an accurate income protection quote, please have these above details of your role ready when contacting us.

Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists & Medical Attendants

Often exposed to multiple hazards specific to their field, personal insurance for doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals takes into account the unique risks inherent in a medical workplace environment.

Insurers offer competitive rates and policies tailored towards those in the medical profession, with benefits and options including:

  • Needle-stick cover – provides protection for occupationally acquired HIV, HEP B & C.
  • A maximum benefits ‘non-offset clause’ for doctors, surgeons and dentists, entitling you to your full benefit payment even if you are receiving a worker’s compensation benefit.

Lawyers, Solicitors & High Earning Executives

One of the key benefits available to these occupations is the ‘non-offset clause,’ an option only offered by a select number of insurers.

With most income protection benefits generally based upon 75 per cent of your income, the non-offset clause will allow you to receive this 75 per cent on top of your workers compensation benefit.

To put it in perspective, an individual receiving workers compensation who is not a lawyer, solicitor or other high earning executive can only usually receive a maximum combined workers compensation and insurance benefit of 75 per cent of their income, i.e. their income protection benefit will supplement their workers compensation payment so that it equates to 75 per cent of their income.


Unlike other industries, farming and agricultural work can be prone to seasonal fluctuations and long-term threats, including drought and floods.

A select number of insurers offer policies directly targeting those in the farming industry, providing added flexibility that allows you to choose between having your monthly benefit based on 30 per cent of either your gross or net farm turnover.

Some insurers will also use this unique calculation to allow you to choose from either stepped or level premiums, as well as between an indemnity or agreed value policy.

We can guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of these options, helping you to decide the most suitable choice for you.

Income Protection Special Risk

If you work in a high risk occupation, you may be finding it difficult to get income protection insurance. Occupations classified as high risk may include:

  • Security guards
  • Painters
  • Scaffolders
  • Fire-fighters
  • Police Officer
  • Rescue Paramedic

If you work in one of these occupation, or you work in another high risk occupation there are income protection options for you, including MLC Income Protection Special Risk.

If you would like more detailed information regarding income protection insurance for your specific occupation, please contact one of our financial advisers today on 1300 135 205.