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Income Protection Insurance Guides

Our guides are designed to help you understand the importance of income protection insurance, detailing the best options available to you on the Australian market.

To help you get started, the below guides focus on the areas of income protection insurance that our clients most frequently inquire about. These guides aim to provide you with critical insights and answers to any of your queries, helping you indentify which income protection insurance policy is best for you.


Guide to the benefits of income protection insurance.

Self Employed

Detailed information on income protection for the self employed, including sole traders, contractors and working directors.


Details on income protection for specific occupations.

Sports Cover

Ensure you choose the right policy to cover your sports or past-times.


Insurance medicals are not mandatory, but may be required in certain circumstances.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Crucial information on pre-existing medical conditions.


Guides to assist you with your policy selection.

If you have any questions about information in our guides or require a more detailed assessment of your income protection insurance needs, please call 1300 135 205 to speak to one our financial advisors.